Despite Lockdowns, Asheville Sober Living Program Expands Admissions TeamDespite Lockdowns, Asheville Sober Living Program Expands Admissions Team
May 26, 2020

Despite Lockdowns, Asheville Sober Living Program Expands Admissions Team

May 26, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Next Step Recovery, based in Asheville, North Carolina, has announced that despite the lockdown, they have been expanding their admissions team for their Asheville sober living program. They have recently hired John E. Ferris and Luana Olavarria as admissions coordinators. They had previously hired Bryan Johnson at the start of 2020 as new director of business development, which means that they have three new hires so far in 2020. It should be noted that as part of their response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, they have hired new personnel and improved their telecom capabilities. They want people to know that they continue to operate despite the lockdown, offering comprehensive treatment services and programs while following infectious disease protocols. And in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have adopted additional protocols to ensure the health and safety of their guests, families of their guests, and their employees. These include the suspension of visitation until further notice; screening of those applying for admission with questions regarding their health, recent travel, and recent interactions with people who have traveled; suspension of guests’ participation in outside NA and AA meeting until further notice; maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation in all homes; provision of all therapy sessions and IOP group sessions through telehealth; and taking of the temperature of everyone at least once a day. John E. Ferris has known Susan Stader, Founder and Executive Director of Next Step Recovery, for the past six years within the treatment community, Therefore, he understands the Next Step model for recovery and has admired Susan’s dedication and passion for her work. He has relevant experience in addictive disorders and the different approaches to treatment. He has been observed to have compassion and empathy for people who are in need of treatment. Luana Olavarria, who is the other admissions coordinator newly admitted to the Next Step team, has years of experience serving as admissions director for another facility. She has a Master’s level clinical education and nine years of Al-Anon. She believes that her experience and her education make her perfectly equipped to work with families and clients when they make their first phone call to the facility. She fully comprehends the compassion and sense of urgency required to help each client and every family feel confident that they will be able to get the help that they require for the addicted person to begin the journey to recovery. Susan Stader says, “I'm most excited about what this will mean for families of our residents. We're big on family recovery and this will open up more room for our family support groups and education.” Bryan Johnson says, “And as the country opens back up, we also want to let the primary treatment providers, wilderness programs, and others we work with know that our program is stronger than ever. Our extended care program continues to pick up momentum. Now, we can do an even better job communicating what makes Next Step different.” Next Step Recovery is a provider of one of Asheville’s leading addiction treatment programs for men. They combine intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and sober living to offer a unique extended care model that results in personal transformation and recovery. They ensure that each client is offered a continuum of care that is required for sustainable recovery. They also assist men who are in recovery to make lifelong changes that result into healthier daily habits, relationships, and overall well-being. They focus on post-detox support programs and rehab aftercare to help clients achieve sustainable recovery. They know that like most mental health problems, addiction is a multi-faceted problem, and men’s issues add to the complexity of the problem. While the journey from the trap of addiction is never easy, they believe that taking that important step towards recovery is worth it, allowing people to finally have a life with meaning and value. Those who are interested in the services offered by Next Step Recovery or want to learn more can visit their website or their frequently asked questions page, or contact them on the telephone. ###For more information about Next Step Recovery, contact the company here:Next Step Recovery(828) 350-9960Next Step Recovery900 Hendersonville RdSte 203Asheville, NC 28803ReleaseID: 60036217

NetworkNewsBreaks – Kingman Minerals Ltd. (TSX.V: KGS) (FSE: 47A1) Expands Gold, Silver Assets in Mohave County, Arizona via Option AgreementNetworkNewsBreaks – Kingman Minerals Ltd. (TSX.V: KGS) (FSE: 47A1) Expands Gold, Silver Assets in Mohave County, Arizona via Option Agreement
May 26, 2020

NetworkNewsBreaks – Kingman Minerals Ltd. (TSX.V: KGS) (FSE: 47A1) Expands Gold, Silver Assets in Mohave County, Arizona via Option Agreement

Kingman Minerals (TSX.V: KGS) (FSE: 47A1) today announced the company’s entrance into an option agreement with two arms’ length vendors to acquire 100% interest in 52 lode claims located within an area of 1,071.2 acres in Mohave County, Arizona. Kingman can earn the 100% interest in the Music Mountain EXT Property by paying a total of […]

As COVID-19 Batters the Kids' Camp Industry, Online Adventure Camps Charts New Course for STEM Summer FunAs COVID-19 Batters the Kids' Camp Industry, Online Adventure Camps Charts New Course for STEM Summer Fun
May 26, 2020

As COVID-19 Batters the Kids' Camp Industry, Online Adventure Camps Charts New Course for STEM Summer Fun

Surviving (and Thriving) While Sheltering in Place ANNAPOLIS, Md. - May 26, 2020 - ( ​​For parents and students coping with stay-at-home orders, the launch of Online Adventure Camps comes not a moment too soon. As the COVID-19 pandemic sends the summer camp industry reeling and continues to upend families’ plans, some camp providers have taken a new tack. Online Adventure Camps aims to bring engaging, interactive summer fun to every home. Leveraging over 22 years in the summer camp industry, founder Rob Elwood brings his experience with in-person tech camps to creating engaging virtual content. He explains his secret: “Kids have had months of online learning. We believe school is school, but camp is camp. We combine hands-on, project-based STEM activities with the magic of summer camp, creating memories that last a lifetime.” Along with courses in visual and performing arts, Online Adventure Camps offers experiential, collaborative STEM camps for preschool to high school. Camps for 3 ½–6-year-olds foster curiosity, hooking the youngest learners on the wonders of science. If it oozes, bubbles or gurgles, elementary campers will explore it. (Snot in a Box, anyone?) In Seriously…Do Try This at Home, campers are invited to visualize sound and watch molecules move, while young engineers build Rube Goldberg machines, skyscrapers and more. Elwood credits his expert instructors for the camps’ appeal: “Our experienced teachers are hand-picked for their ability to channel positive energy and fun in a safe, engaging and interactive environment.” In addition to science and engineering, Online Adventure Camps offers digital arts and tech programs for ages 7-15 – from beginning coding in Scratch to advanced 3D game development with Unity and Unreal Engine. Minecraft and Roblox lovers may create new worlds and battle to their hearts’ content. Middle and high school students can even try their hand at Sports Broadcasting and Analytics, learning to analyze their favorite sports teams and create their own highlight reel.  From its base on the Eastern seaboard, Online Adventure Camps has a mission to offer kids across the continent one of the most creative, enjoyable learning experiences of their lives. Acknowledging the unique challenges of this pandemic, Elwood explains, “Kids, now more than ever, need to see and meet new friends and connect with counselors. There’s something magical about summer camp. We aim to bring that home to you.”  For more information, visit or call (800) 336-2098. ### About Online Adventure Camps For over 22 years, Online Adventure Camps’ founders have served nearly 1,000,000 campers, ages 3-18, working with over 500 independent schools, colleges, and organizations. They now offer a variety of summer camps in a virtual setting, including traditional day camps for Pre-K to 1st grade, along with specialty, gaming and coding camps for elementary & up. Featuring professional adult teachers who are experts in their fields, Online Adventure Camps provide positive energy, collaborative community, and hands-on learning in a safe, creative and interactive environment. Related LinksWebsiteLearn More - Free Virtual Online Open HouseRelated FilesOAC-Logo-Blue-Final.jpg Press Release Service by Original Source: As COVID-19 Batters the Kids' Camp Industry, Online Adventure Camps Charts New Course for STEM Summer Fun

Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation Publishes a New Resource to Promote Equitable Development in South FloridaCorporate Social Responsibility Foundation Publishes a New Resource to Promote Equitable Development in South Florida
May 26, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation Publishes a New Resource to Promote Equitable Development in South Florida

Community Coalition led by CSR Foundation releases A Model Miami/South Florida Community Benefits Agreement: A Resource Guide MIAMI - May 26, 2020 - (  The Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation, a leading public policy and philanthropic organization in Miami-Dade County, today announced publication of “A Model Miami/South Florida Community Benefits Agreement: A Resource Guide.” Community Benefits Agreements (”CBAs”) are relatively new tools in South Florida. A CBA is a negotiated agreement that specifies the public benefits and amenities that a particular developer will provide to a community. The 58-page resource and sample CBA was developed for community and grassroots organizations addressing real estate developments in their neighborhoods.  “The Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation was privileged to convene a coalition of South Florida nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and social advocates to contribute their expertise to the Model Miami/South Florida Community Benefits Agreement,” said Lisa Hogan, President and CEO of the Foundation. “The goal is to provide residents with a sample CBA to assist them in drafting binding and enforceable agreements with developers seeking to build real estate and infrastructure projects in their neighborhoods.” Each community can identify its own needs and modify the model to create their own unique CBA.   Recent events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, show how connected we all are, and the Model Miami/South Florida Community Benefits Agreement Resource Guide will be used by residents to make the communities where they live, work, and play better and more equitable for all. Provisions in the model CBA address affordable housing, establishment of community coalitions, developer’s meetings with the community, living wages, jobs, hiring, responsible contracting, infrastructure and neighborhood preservation, displacement impact studies, and community wealth creation, among others. The model contains best-in-class language and innovative community amenities from well-vetted CBAs, housing policies, and academic research across the country.  The coalition’s Working Group members included the Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation, Community Justice Project, Catalyst Miami, The Allapattah Collaborative CDC, University of Miami Assistant Provost for Civic & Community Engagement, University of Miami School of Law Environmental Justice Clinic, Miami Workers Center, Service Employees International Union 1199SEIU, Struggle for Miami's Affordable and Sustainable Housing, and Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida.  Visit  or to view the full report.  Related LinksA link to the full report on the CSR Foundation website Press Release Service by Original Source: Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation Publishes a New Resource to Promote Equitable Development in South Florida

Space Frontier Foundation Applauds SpaceX Mission to ISSSpace Frontier Foundation Applauds SpaceX Mission to ISS
May 26, 2020

Space Frontier Foundation Applauds SpaceX Mission to ISS

WASHINGTON - May 26, 2020 - ( ​​​The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) applauds SpaceX and NASA for the upcoming commercial mission to carry NASA crewmembers to the International Space Station (ISS). SFF, which was the first to call for the private sector replacement of government space shuttles, sees this event as a turning point in opening space. "When Dragon berths with ISS later this week, the U.S. start the next phase of opening the space frontier," said SFF chairman, Sean Mahoney. "We will see private companies competing to carry people into space. Prices will drop and more people will go for science, business, and pleasure. Kudos to both SpaceX and NASA for making this happen." SFF played a key role in laying the policy groundwork that enabled the upcoming SpaceX flight and the Boeing flight scheduled for later this year. According to SFF’s philosophy, governments should not build and operate buildings and transportation but should instead enable the growth of private industry in space. "When I called for this in front of the House Space Sub-Committee in 1995, we had no idea it would take so long, but we knew it had to happen," said SFF co-founder, Rick Tumlinson. "To anyone supporting the idea of human settlement in space, it's fundamental that private citizens be able to get there and back cheaply and reliably. A few years ago, we had the first commercial cargo flights, and now commercial crew. It is a huge moment for us." SFF believes NASA and governments have a large role to play in the transition from exploration to development. Their purchasing power can help kick start a "virtuous cycle" wherein companies build on government support and then move into competition for private customers. This is exactly what is happening, as both Boeing and SpaceX are already booking customers beyond their NASA contracts. "This is a great model for how things can work between governments and private sector in space," said Meagan Crawford, SFF board member and managing partner of SpaceFund. "NASA needs low cost, reliable ways to meet its mission objectives. Private companies need anchor customers and R&D support. It's a perfect match, and one we should emulate in all areas of NASA and government space activities." SFF believes that these partnerships should not end here. There are a wide variety of programs where this model could be applied, saving taxpayer money and kickstarting a NewSpace industrial economy. "SFF has maintained active support for commercial space through the decades," said SFF policy lead Gary Oleson. "We helped found the Alliance for Space Development in 2015 and full funding for the Commercial Crew program was our priority. We achieved this in 2016, enabling NASA to advance quickly to this mission." About the Space Frontier Foundation SFF is an organization dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement by unleashing the power of free enterprise to lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System. Learn more: Related LinksSpace Frontier Foundation Website Press Release Service by Original Source: Space Frontier Foundation Applauds SpaceX Mission to ISS

Frog Portugal Announces Partnership With GlovoFrog Portugal Announces Partnership With Glovo
May 26, 2020

Frog Portugal Announces Partnership With Glovo

Partnership will enhance delivery reach and accelerate transition to eco-friendly transportation AUSTIN, Texas - May 26, 2020 - ( ​Frog, the Austin, Texas-based global e-mobility solutions company, is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Glovo, one of the world's fastest-growing on-demand delivery digital platform, distributing everything from groceries to restaurants’ food, gifts, among other items, within an hour, providing all their three users: customers, partners and couriers with sustainable electric means of transport for a small price. With the increased availability of on-demand food delivery services in Portugal, food couriers' commute times around urban centers continue to increase, and the cost of owning and operating a gas-powered, carbon-emitting motorcycle continues to soar. Under the partnership, Glovo will allow couriers that collaborate with them, as well as users and partners, to access Frog’s commercial-grade electric scooters and soon-to-be-deployed electric mopeds for an exclusive monthly membership price. “We are really happy to announce our collaboration with Frog, which will allow us to offer our three main users additional advantages to help make their daily life easier in their cities. For us, this agreement is also another step in our purpose of being carbon neutral by the end of 2021, and we hope to encourage all our users to take profit from it,” said Ricardo Batista, Portugal Country Lead at Glovo. Frogs are well-known in Lisbon and have had a high adoption rate from users, noting a blatant difference in the commercial-grade, heavy-duty scooters that offer a more stable ride experience. Under the partnership, Glovo Portugal couriers, users, and partners will receive an exclusive Glovo membership, providing unlimited rides and access to Frog's network of shared e-mobility solutions. "We are excited to integrate our shared e-mobility solutions in Portugal with Glovo’s delivery service," said Pedro Guedes, European Territory Manager for Frog. "Glovo delivers millions of items around the world every day, and the company shares our passion for focusing on the customer experience. We see incredible opportunity in offering Frog’s world-class e-mobility transportation solutions to Glovo’s users, couriers, and partners, accelerating our shared mission to help decrease air pollution while bringing efficiency to transportation." About Frog: As climate change, rapid urbanization, and population growth continue to challenge our world’s cities, Frog is on a mission to help communities Leap Forward toward a sustainable future by creating a higher standard for shared micro-mobility solutions. Formed in Austin, Texas by a team with vast experience in mobility solutions, the company is committed to providing communities around the world with high quality, reliable, turnkey, modes of transportation. Custom designed and manufactured specifically to meet today’s high-demand rideshare use, Frogs offer a more durable, stable and reliable ride to help locals and visitors alike commute, run errands, visit friends, and explore cities in a fun, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way. Learn more at Sobre a Glove: A Glovo é uma aplicação que permite comprar, enviar e receber qualquer produto dentro da mesma cidade. Com mais de 9 milhões de utilizadores e mais de 20.000 parceiros associados, a Glovo opera nas principais capitais da Europa e EMEA (Europa, Médio Oriente e África), como Roma, Paris, Istambul ou Casablanca e também em 10 países da América Latina. Atualmente, a Glovo já está presente em 300 cidades de 22 países em todo o mundo e aguarda-se a abertura do negócio em novas cidades, nas próximas semanas. Em Portugal, a Glovo foi lançada em Lisboa em outubro de 2017 e no Porto em março de 2018. Contact Information: Frog Media Relations - Press Release Service by Original Source: Frog Portugal Announces Partnership With Glovo

China's New Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center to Launch 'Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking' and Calls on Candidates From Around the WorldChina's New Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center to Launch 'Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking' and Calls on Candidates From Around the World
May 26, 2020

China's New Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center to Launch 'Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking' and Calls on Candidates From Around the World

The Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center was born out of the recent Global Blockchain Value and Application Seminar. SHANGHAI - May 26, 2020 - ( Unifive Technology Group is pleased to announce that the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center was recently launched in the Science and Technology Innovation Center, located in the Shanghai Bay area. The center launched as an initiative out of the Global Blockchain Value and Application Seminar held on May 22, which brought together experts in the field. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Development Research Foundation, Shanghai Bay Area Tech Innovation Management Committee, China Internet Industry Chamber of Commerce Agricultural Internet Branch, and Unifive Technology Group. Sun Yinliang, director of the Shanghai Bay District Management Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanyang Town in Shanghai Jinshan District and Cao Xianfeng, executive deputy director of the Shanghai Bay District Management Committee and mayor of Shanyang Town in Shanghai Jinshan District attended the seminar. Experts, blockchain economists, and brand experts from well-known university blockchain laboratories, as well as representative public chain founders and entrepreneurs, discussed the impact of blockchain technology in value and application on future society, developing trends, and future market opportunities including technology, application, ecology, innovation, carrying and influence. Currently, the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center has employed its first 16 experts including: Zheng Yannong from the Development Research Center of the State Council and former secretary-general of World Development Institute; Qiao Yide, vice chairman and secretary-general of Shanghai Development Research Foundation; Wu Yunda, party committee member and deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University; Wang Yingjie, chairman of the Agricultural Internet Branch of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce; Ning Zhong, professor of the School of Management at Fudan University; Li Jiang, science and technology expert and former CTO of Microsoft China; Keith Chan, community director of Greater China; Chu Jiahai, UCOT co-founder and executive director of China-Australia Blockchain Association; Xian Junxing, head of the Deloitte Asia-Pacific Blockchain Lab and a partner in financial technology; Gao Chengshi who holds a Ph.D. in cryptography; Shi Xingguo, founder of the superblock chain and inventor of the global parallel chain technology; Wang Yingshuai, head of China’s blockchain future talent development program under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China; Dr. Hou Longfeng who holds a Ph.D. in energy data mining from French National Lyon School of Applied Sciences; Tian Li, the former chairman of Shanghai Watch; Lu Rong, former senior vice president of Asia Pacific for Honeywell; and Wang Xiaomeng, founder of the Yoo Ecology Group. “We are pleased to bring all of these experts together at the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center,” said Jingnan Li, CEO of Unifive Technology Group. “The seminar that launched this great initiative is aimed at the explorers, and institutes and organizations that gather in the blockchain world to develop paths. In the future, every valuable blockchain will be more widely recognized and applied, and blockchain technology will also truly empower more manufacturing companies, thereby creating a high-quality ecological environment that meets both manufacturing and financial technology standards and ultimately promotes the positive and healthy development of the entire fintech industry.” Going forward, the Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center will launch a “Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking” twice a month. The first list will be selected from 20 candidate blockchains, including public chains, alliance chains, and private chains, and released globally on June 22, 2020. As part of the evaluation criteria, experts adopted the blockchain evaluation index system, which includes an evaluation of technology, innovation, application, carrying, ecology, and influence and ranks candidates on a scale from A to D and 12 levels from A+ to D-. Those wishing to be future candidates should contact About Unifive Technology Group Unifive Technology Group is one of the earliest companies in China to carry out blockchain research and practice. It is China's leading comprehensive group company integrating cutting-edge technology, research and development, application landing, industrial integration, and technology. For more information, visit Related LinksChina.comChina Economic Times:Related Images Press Release Service by Original Source: China's New Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center to Launch 'Global Blockchain Value and Application Ranking' and Calls on Candidates From Around the World

TouchSource Named a Finalist for the Small Business Award by the Denver Business JournalTouchSource Named a Finalist for the Small Business Award by the Denver Business Journal
May 26, 2020

TouchSource Named a Finalist for the Small Business Award by the Denver Business Journal

TouchSource—an Inc. 5000 fast growing software company—was chosen based on its commitment to the community, employees, fellow local businesses and made-in-Colorado solutions. DENVER - May 26, 2020 - ( Chosen from many outstanding Denver-based small businesses, TouchSource has been nominated as a finalist for the 2020 Denver Business Journal (DBJ) Small Business Awards. To determine finalists, a DBJ-formed panel of judges reviewed and scored each company based on community achievements, community involvement, and demonstrated growth within their industry. According to the Denver Business Journal (DBJ), TouchSource is among a select group of notable companies honored for top achievements. “These companies, which were nominated and scored before the spread of COVIID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and stay-at-home orders were issued in Colorado, responded to our questions in the frenzied early days of those events. The stories they tell are emotional, scary and often inspiring,” said the DBJ. Read the Denver Business Journal article to learn about TouchSource's journey and focus on people, customers and innovation to serve its community through the pandemic. “The bottom line: These small businesses are not only devoted to their communities — they wouldn’t be finalists in the Small Business Awards if they weren’t — but they’re inherently connected to their communities. They’re a part of something bigger. And, yes, they’re all in this together,” according to the DBJ. “TouchSource is thrilled to be a finalist for this prestigious award,” said TouchSource CEO, Ajay Kapoor. “We’re proud to share this honor with our amazing customers, our supportive community, and our locally-based supplier network. Most importantly, we’d like to share this with every member of our remarkable team who support our customers with meticulous support and non-stop innovation.” TouchSource, the leader in smart digital displays and solutions, offers a full range of software applications for digital displays and signage including directories, kiosks, wayfinding maps, digital art, messaging boards, and mobile-enabled solutions that fit a world recovering from a global pandemic. Our newest solution–safety messaging and contactless mobile compliance is designed to help re-opening businesses communicate safety notices and capture visitor acknowledgement. We're all navigating day by day changes. That’s why we’ve designed this new solution to help property, HR and building professionals keep up with dynamic changes that vary by city, county and state. TouchSource delivers simple solutions for smart spaces that engage people. Our captivating digital displays and IoT-connected directory solutions improve the experience of tenants, visitors and shoppers. We create intelligent digital experiences in residential, business, retail, healthcare and public spaces with relevant, engaging content that moves people where it matters. Our digital signage solutions are simple to deploy, easy to use, mobile-enabled and low effort to maintain. Just ask our customers who we’ve proudly served over 9,000 times the TouchSource way. TouchSource Media Relations | | 1370 Miners Drive, Suite 103, Lafayette, CO 80026 Related LinksDenver Business Journal ArticleTouchSource Press Release Service by Original Source: TouchSource Named a Finalist for the Small Business Award by the Denver Business Journal

PositiveSingles Launches Video Chat Feature to Make Online Dating Easier During the CoronavirusPositiveSingles Launches Video Chat Feature to Make Online Dating Easier During the Coronavirus
May 26, 2020

PositiveSingles Launches Video Chat Feature to Make Online Dating Easier During the Coronavirus

PositiveSingles, a unique digital dating platform for people with STDs, has been turning the tides and bringing joy and spark back into the lives of people during the coronavirus pandemic. It has introduced a new video call feature for their iOS users to help jazz up their stories. NEW YORK - May 26, 2020 - ( PositiveSingles, headquartered in Canada and popular across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, has introduced a new online video calling feature, extending its exciting range of services to connect and bring the people with STDs back into the mainstream of dating. This feature, which will be made available to its iOS users and premium members, is expected to provide solace for couples who have been unable to meet physically due to the coronavirus pandemic. The USA has a whopping population of 110 million that are impacted by STDs, and 400 million people globally are at a danger of being socially isolated. This is where the PositiveSingles platform serves as a beacon to guide this population, providing the right connection and belief that you are not alone. PositiveSingles has further substantiated its claim to goodness and made users' stories a success by boosting its apps with more convenient and user-friendly features like video calling.  "Sure, some people experience rejection after disclosing to a new partner. But most people find that the stigma itself is far worse than the infection," remarked, Suny Zhang, the supervisor of PositiveSingles, showcasing that people are now realizing that there is life with meaning and healthy relationship beyond this stigma, and sites like PositiveSingles help ascend users on this journey. The website has ensured security and privacy while rolling out this video chat feature. There is a limit to the number of video chats you can have per day, to 20, and each call is for a max of two minutes. Privacy being of utmost importance, no one can send a video call request to hidden profiles and to people you are not in conversation with. The idea is to solidify a relationship and have dates with some face-to-face time without worrying about stranger interventions.  About PositiveSingles PositiveSingles is a dating website for special needs - for people with STDs. It is a platform dedicated to bringing people to social acceptance – finding love, support, and hope as the tag line claims.  Related LinksDate Somone With HerpesGenital Herpes Support Group Press Release Service by Original Source: PositiveSingles Launches Video Chat Feature to Make Online Dating Easier During the Coronavirus

City Hive Helps Liquor Businesses Manage Ever-Changing Retail Landscape of Covid19 Pandemic Re-EntryCity Hive Helps Liquor Businesses Manage Ever-Changing Retail Landscape of Covid19 Pandemic Re-Entry
May 26, 2020

City Hive Helps Liquor Businesses Manage Ever-Changing Retail Landscape of Covid19 Pandemic Re-Entry

After enabling retailers to manage 700% growth in online sales during the Covid19 pandemic, City Hive prepared businesses with tools to maneuver phased re-entry protocols. NEW YORK - May 26, 2020 - ( ​​​City Hive (, an omni-channel digital commerce and data platform used by more than 1,500 beverage alcohol retailers in over 500 cities across the U.S., reports off-premise online sales growth of 700% and in-store sales growth of 36% between March 15 and May 15. The dramatic shift to online ordering during the Covid19 pandemic called for immediate changes to business processes - particularly increasing demand for curbside pickup, which accounted for 86% of non-delivery orders on City Hive-powered websites and apps during the pandemic lockdown.  Stores using City Hive’s platform before the Covid19 pandemic were already doing significant business coming into this crisis and were significantly better prepared to accommodate change. As a result, retailers with City Hive websites and apps already in place experienced overall sales growth 7.5x higher than stores which launched online ordering during the pandemic. As retailers begin to navigate phased restrictions of re-entry and prepare for periodic returns to lockdown, technology and training play a critical role in adapting to the ever-changing “new normal.” In addition to e-commerce capabilities, City Hive provides businesses with the tools they need to scale and grow their operations overall, combining product inventory management, CRM, marketing, data analytics and order fulfillment tools into one cohesive platform. City Hive CEO, Roi Kliper, explains, “Covid19 forced many businesses to quickly develop online ordering capabilities at a time when both time and money were in short supply. As you can imagine, demand for our technology increased significantly over the past two months. My team worked around the clock to deliver retailers the online ordering tools they need right now. We can set up retailers with omni-channel digital commerce in as little as 24 hours, with no upfront costs.” Gary Fisch, CEO and Founder of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, added “In the past two months, we had more than 20,000 mobile app downloads, and we are now managing 200+ deliveries per day. With a technology partner like City Hive, we feel well-equipped to handle any changes that occur in the industry, now and for years to come.” Another customer, Edward H. Harrison III, Director of Liquor Barn & Party Mart in Kentucky, added, “City Hive’s technology has allowed Liquor Barn & Party Mart to rapidly adapt to the changing regulatory landscape, as well as to accommodate the needs of our customers by providing a variety of digital shopping solutions - curbside, pickup and home delivery - all of which allow for contactless transfer of the products from the stores to the customer.” Media Inquiries: Related LinksCity Hive on LinkedInFollow City Hive on TwitterRelated FilesAbout City Hive.docx Press Release Service by Original Source: City Hive Helps Liquor Businesses Manage Ever-Changing Retail Landscape of Covid19 Pandemic Re-Entry

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