Recreational Sports

How to replace pizza, movie night with family fitness dates

Oct 25, 2017

Family fitness dates are replacing the old school pizza and movie nights as more parents are realizing that the benefits of moving aren't just about burning calories but setting an example for the next generation

Feds will allow East Coast fishermen to catch more herring

Oct 24, 2017

Fishing regulators say they are increasing the amount that harvesters can catch of a key bait fish off the East Coast

Montana's Teton Pass Ski Resort not opening this season

Oct 24, 2017

Teton Pass Ski Resort in Montana will be closed this winter

The quest to visit all 50 states: How many have you seen?

Oct 18, 2017

How many US states have you been to? Alicia Rovey, founder of the All Fifty States Club, says she's seeing more and more people with a goal of visiting all 50

Review: 'American Wolf' explores clash over the gray wolf

Oct 16, 2017

Book Review: Author Nate Blakeslee tells a masterful and elegant tale in "American Wolf." The book explores the clash over the gray wolf with a story told through the life of Yellowstone wolf O-Six and the humans who loved her.

Losses at Trump's Scottish resorts doubled last year

Oct 7, 2017

A financial report filed with the British government shows Donald Trump is losing millions for a third year in a row on a couple of his biggest investments: his Scottish golf resorts

Recalls this week: children's plates and bowls, toys

Oct 6, 2017

Recalls this week include children's plates and bowls, toys, bicycle brakes

Supreme Court's newest justice has an elk as an office mate

Oct 6, 2017

The Supreme Court's newest justice says he's got an unusual office mate: an elk head named Leroy

Austria's 'Burqa Ban' law comes into force

Oct 1, 2017

A law that forbids any kind of full-face covering, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa, has come into force in Austria

US faces off with itself in gay skydiver discrimination case

Sep 30, 2017

A federal appeals court in New York is trying to decide whether U.S. anti-discrimination law protects employees from being fired over their sexual orientation.